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Scrap My Car

Not all scrap cars are really scrap and we prove this week after week.

We buy scrap cars as donor vehicles and to repair but we can also remove your scrap car for free and give you pay you on the spot. Not all cars are worth scrap car prices!

We don’t care if your car is accident damaged, broken down, used or even if you think it is just scrap – whatever the condition of your vehicle we are interested in hearing from you if you wish to sell it.

We Buy Any Car

  • We will buy:
  • Cars with engine failures.
  • Cars with gearbox failures.
  • Accident damaged vehicles.
  • Scrap cars.
  • MOT failures.
  • Used Cars.

More Money For Your Scrap Car

Why do we give more money for your old car than a conventional scrap or breakers yard? Because we truly recycle cars & up front we tell you what we want to buy your car for: repairs to existing vehicles as a donor car or as a potential salvaged vehicle, repaired and put back onto the road, legally and safely. You can rest assured that any legal obligations you have with regard to your old car are taken care of at the point of sale.

Scrap Cars

If we are simply going to scrap your car we will tell you that and offer you a cash price based on its scrap value. However, in most vehicles there is more there than just its scrap value. This does not stop you from phoning around to find a better price if you can.

We only scrap cars as a last resort so even though you may think it’s scrap it very well may not be and we will be able to advise you and offer you more money.

We can get to you usually within the hour but will also schedule appointments to suit you. During busy times it may take longer but we always try and fit into our customers schedule not ours! The customer is king and it is something we find a large number of businesses forget.

It’s worth getting in touch with us first and leave scrapping your car as a last resort.

So if you are thinking should I scrap my car, contact us today to find out what we can offer on 07770 810 673 or 01772 792 877, or simply complete our online form and we will do the rest – you will be glad you did.

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