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Scrap Car Prices

Scrap car prices are based upon the market rate for scrap metals and general scrap metal prices. This can change with some frequency, sometimes weekly or even daily! The norm is somewhere around about monthly in the main.

If you are selling your scrap car to a breakers yard or scrap yard or scrap metals merchant then you will get dead weight prices in general. There is no other worth in your vehicle whatever its condition – this is what our customers report and after 20 years in the car trade it is what experience tells us too.

Selling Your Scrap Car

If possible it is always better to sell your car, whatever its condition, to buyers who perceive its value in a different manner. Selling it as a going concern with issues is better than just looking at it as a scrap car.

We look at your car to assess its use as:

  • A Donor Vehicle – to provide parts for other cars (eg engine/gearbox) we wish to repair.
  • A Salvageable Car – capable of being repaired and put back onto the road legally and safely.

As a last resort we will dispose of your car as scrap legally, ethically and safely. We will also give you money for it.

We think we can offer you the best price for your car – scrap, damaged or mechanically compromised. Give us a call – you will be glad you did.

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