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Scrap My Car Chorley

If you have a scrap car in Chorley then we buy and collect scrap cars and vehicles for sale from Chorley and all surrounding areas.

Chorley is a good 20 minutes drive from Preston on a good day. However, we will try to be there within the hour! But you know what it can be like at 5 o’clock. We will also arrange a suitable time for you.

We don’t just buy a scrap car simply to scrap it! We sometimes buy a scrap car because it contains a part we wish to use in a repair. If we are going to do this we will tell you. Your car may also be salvageable too.

We don’t care if you consider your car is scrap, or if it’s an MOT failed vehicle or even if it has an electrical or mechanical fault. Whatever the condition means just that and we are interested in hearing from you if you want to sell it on.

We Give More Money For Your Scrap Car

How? Well we recycle cars intelligently. If your car is potentially a salvageable vehicle which can repaired and legally & safely put back onto the road then it is worth more than just a typical scrap car price. If it is in need of some tender loving care and a repair or two it is a vehicle that can be saved to provide further years of useful motoring.

We see more value in your car than just its dead weight at a weighbridge and reflect this in what we offer.

Scrap & Used Cars

Any legal obligations you have with regard to your old car are taken care of at the point of sale.

If we are simply going to scrap your car we will offer you a cash price based on its scrap value. However, there is more than just a cars typical scrap value in the main.

We only scrap cars as a last resort. If your car isn’t scrap then we will be able to offer you more money.

We can get to you usually within the hour but we are also happy to schedule appointments in Chorley to suit you. During busy times it may take longer but we always try and fit into our customers schedule not ours! The customer is king and it is something we find a large number of businesses forget.

So if you are thinking should I scrap my car, contact us today to find out what we can offer on 07770 810 673 or 01772 792 877, or simply complete our online form and we will do the rest – you will be glad you did.

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