Preston’s Charity 3 Wheeled Robin Reliant Police Car & Fire Engine.

Our specially liveried 3 wheeler police & fire services Robin Reliant fundraising vehicles for the North West Air Ambulance are finally finished. The NWAA (North West Air Ambulance) survives on donations for this essential emergency community service & Preston Car Buyers are proud to support these people.

Our local fire service personnel love the fire engine & our local police have vetted the police vehicle and they love it! A sergeant from Lancashire Police have attended to look over the police car. He couldn’t believe how good it looked and had never seen anything like it before. We have a blue light on it but the sergeant gave us the green light to use the car as long as it was used for these special occasions.

So, no it isn’t a real police car, it’s a labour of love and no, we can’t give you a speeding ticket! With a rapid 0-60 in under a minute we doubt we would catch you!

How You Can Get Involved

Call 07770 810 673to Donate Or to get Involved

Donation Program

We love to raise money for the North West Air Ambulance but we also appreciate you might not be able to get to one of our events to support this worthy cause. Never mind. You can donate to the NWAA here or by calling their DONATION HOTLINE on 0800-587-4570.

They Need Supporters

The NWAA would not be here is it wasn’t for people supporting it financially and fundraising on behalf of it. So if you want to help these consummate professionals to help keep saving lives, you can learn more about that by clicking here.

Attract More Funds For Your Charity - We'll Turn Up To Help YOU!

This vehicle is available for YOUR CHARITY EVENT! Just give Graham a call now to find out more.

About The NWAA

When time is paramount, when a second or two can make all the difference between life and death, these people want to be there on time to support you in your hour of need.

Seconds can make the difference to a full recovery or living with the effects of not being timely. As you can appreciate, this support is vital.

They change lives for the better when speed and time is critical. THEY SAVE LIVES.

My Story

The idea behind this project is to raise money for North West Air Ambulance. As a biker and after a number of incidents involving friends and reports via the biker club (Three Wheelers & Trikes) about these amazing people and their support services, it was a no brainer – something had to be done.

After spending over £3,000 on this project since September 2018, I want to make this a fundraiser for all charities whilst raising funds for the NWAA as well. You can read more about the story here on the LEP website.

Charity Fundraising & The Rise Of The Robins

The guys from the air ambulance have saved a few lives from the bike group last year including a daughter of a good friend of mine. Additionally there was Karl, a friend who died on the M62, the NWAA were there too; so, doing something for them means a lot, but not just to me.

From the ashes I wanted a phoenix to rise with the sole purpose of raising funds for the NWAA and, if possible, other charities in general across the area.

The Start of the Story

After collecting the vehicle it was  necessary to give it a complete overhaul.

The Hard Work

What a complete restoration job it’s going to be! Sanding, rubbing, flatting, sweat and toil – but worth every minute!.

Starting To Look Better

With the undercoat on the vision is beginning to take shape!

Looking Smarter

Getting the colours right was necessary to give it a 1960’s feel.

Raise Awareness To Raise Funding

If you are raising funds for your worthwhile charity then you know how difficult it can be. If having this vehicle at your event will help then please get in touch. The number is 07770-810-673.

Helping The Communities Of The North West

Hello, hello. What’s all this then?

It’s the finished article. Lovingly restored and able to to help raise money for the North West Air Ambulance.

Is it legal, yes it is – as long as the blue light is covered whilst on the road being transported to any local event. Our local police have taken great interest and have spoken with me as well as inspected it – feedback so far is they love it and the idea.

It’s also turned quite a few heads around town and garnered a lot of local interest.

Are you ready to help support the NWAA?

Want To Hire Either Of These Vehicles For A Prom’ Or Other Event? A Donation To The NWAA Is All It Takes! The Number To Call For Further Details Is 07770-810-673.

Want To Help The NWAA?

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