It pains us almost as much as it does you to see a car trashed when it has useful life left in it. We want our customers to be fully aware of the possibilities for a mid life or end of life vehicle.

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Question Preston Car Buyers Car Breakers or Scrap Yard
I want a green solution which is good for the environment too! What’s the best way to recycle my car? Excellent for people who consider the green impact and want more money for their car. The car is bought mid-life or near to end of life, repaired and serviced to provide further years of use OR as a donor vehicle to keep an existing car on the road. A truly green solution. Poor – as the vehicle is simply rendered into its component parts. However, its breaking & disposal must conform to imposed legal standards.
What’s the difference between you and a scrap or breakers yard? We look at a car as an  investment for resale or as a donor vehicle. We invest in repairs & servicing and resale – a true reflection of green principles. If bought as a donor vehicle your car will be used to
service another vehicle and  keep it on the road. The car is then sent to the scrap yard – not a breakers yard – and we
then recover monies associated with the cars dead weight.
A breakers yard will typically be selling parts from your vehicle sometimes even before they have been removed and/or tested! It’s about what value they see in the resale of your cars existing parts.They may also consider selling your car on if they think it can be repaired – so why don’t you do this and reap any financial reward, why should someone else pocket the money?
How do I achieve a higher selling price? By selling it for what it is worth! We consider what the vehicle is worth after it is repaired and serviced. As such the vehicle is worth more to us than just its scrap value.

For example, your car may have had a well serviced engine and a new exhaust system fitted recently. We consider these things when offering a price.

Scrap yards and breakers usually don’t give any more than a vehicles dead weight at the scrap metal weighbridge in the main. Even if you have a sound engine it is our experience you don’t get any more money for your vehicle! An engine on its own is quite capable of being sold for hundreds of pounds to the right buyer and they know this. Now you do.
My car is scrap – where should I start looking for the best price? Right here would be a good start. Scrapping a car to our way of thinking is a last resort for you and the environment. Last resort.
Where will I in reality get the best price? We won’t buy a car if it is not economically viable to do so. However, we can suggest where and how to dispose
of it and some of the pitfalls should you choose to do this some other way.We will generally give more for your car than at a weighbridge or breakers yard. It will cost you nothing to find out.
Scrap yards or scrap merchants typically deal in scrap metals. They are highly regulated and deal with recovery and processing of metals and pollutants.They deal with the dead weight of a car on a weighbridge. A breakers yard will generally base what they will give you on a very similar price to what you would get at a scrap yard – but get considerably more for it by breaking it down. What’s left they will leave with the scrap yard and redeem cash for its dead weight at the weighbridge. Some breakers are also authorised scrap metal
merchants but these tend to be in the minority.

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